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Thousands of individuals have used our strategies and tools to achieve their goals and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Individuals choose FLAME NY because of our ability to get results even when other ways have failed. They feel more empowered and more passionate as they create the change they desire.

More people put their trust in Heather Paris, and turn to FLAME NY when change is a must. From top business professionals looking to stay sharp, to couples on the verge of divorce to individuals seeking to overcome lack of self-esteem or get unstuck from destructive emotional patterns… all have turned to FLAME NY because of our unique ability to deliver rapid, breakthrough results.

From one-on-one coaching, to seminars, to firewalks, FLAME NY has a proven system for achieving results. Explore your options through the links provided:

Start Your Journey Today With A Complementary Coaching Session

Wondering how to get started? Begin with a free, no obligation coaching session. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the benefits of coaching, what an actual coaching session feels like, and to understand our approach. Your session also gives us a better idea of how to assist you. This will not be a 60-minute sales presentation, but an actual coaching session. FLAME NY is built upon producing break through results, so we begin right away.

If you are local to us, we offer an in-person coaching session. If you live outside our region, your session can be conducted via the phone, or video web conference. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, take the first step and schedule a complementary coaching session.

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